Incorporated in Belgium as SPRL - TVA number: BE0721.427.404

COVID-19 Emergency

With a group of friends, we decided to replicate the #ideasospesa experience here in Belgium. The idea is based on the Neapolitan tradition of paying an "extra" espresso coffee at the bar, and leaving it "suspended" or "sospeso" for those who cannot afford to buy one. Everyone can give their little contribution. The site aims to collect, before May 20, the largest number of ideas. We want to make our contribution to the safe restart of the “small real economy” after the COVID-19 emergency.

The site offers several categories (Transports, Stores, Professions (with liberal professions and technical and industrial professions), Events, Horeca). All the ideas collected will be available to everyone, free of charge. Site visitors will be able to add ideas, comments and vote on them. The ideas and most of the software used are Open-Source, everything is done for non-profit. Idées Suspendues


Specific and Flexible (SaF) IT Services stems out of an idea which has been developed over the course of the last few years but that it has matured fully only in the beginning of February 2018. It is the association between two experienced former NATO employees, active for decades in the domain of Software Development for Tactical Data Links, and an experienced admin / secretary who will help with all necessary administration. The keywords of this association are freedom, cooperation, responsibility and autonomy. We are all partners in SaF.

SaF IT Services focuses on the customer and on his/her needs. The main objective is to fully satisfy the specific requirements and to be flexible for what concerns work locations and agreements with the customer. That is the reason for the two words “Specific” and “Flexible”. SaF IT Services will not accept commitments that cannot be fulfilled in the required time frames or when our resources are already allocated to other tasks. SaF IT Services draft blueprint that describes the services we intend to offer can be found here (this is a draft version).

In a few words we can resume SaF IT Services activities in two main categories:

  • Freelance Contracting (Software Development & more)
  • Product development (Software)


We have either an agreement in place or we are in the process of establishing one with these partners.

How to Contact Us

We are not publishing email links but just images of our business cards, where our full contact data is available. This is done on purpose.


Currently SaF IT Services does not collect any personal or even anonymous user data or navigation data through this web site, for the time being does not even perform traffic analysis and does not implant cookies in your browser. If you are interested in our services, we kindly ask you to contact us with the means we provide to you in this page. If and when this will change, this disclaimer shall be updated accordingly.